Riverview Law is 3 years old today. I remember very clearly when it launched (see below) which was shortly followed by a life-changing invitation to join as Operations Director.

"Life-changing" is no exaggeration. Having spent a career working in chambers it completely redefined my view on the way legal services can be delivered - taking the things lawyers excel at and applying them in commercial and common sense (or "innovative", as it's know in the legal sector) ways, together with recognising and applying the value of skills outside law.

My experience there also redefined my view of myself: the value of my skills & experience which I had not previously recognised, but also the gaping lack of abilities in areas that had never been challenged in the traditional legal environment. (This is still very much a work in progress, but I'm getting there ...)

There are plenty of sceptics about "New Law", Alternative Business Structures, technology in law and the rest of it, but actually the real difference simply comes from people and culture. A collective vision and drive to solve problems in a way that customers want them solved - something that is bizarrely still a rarity in the legal market - creates its own commercial proposition.

Congratulations on your success and thank you, to all my friends at Riverview Law.